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Timothy Massawe, Director

  • Advanced diploma, Strategic Administrative Management, Institute of Administrative Management, London, UK
  • Bachelor of Business Management, University of London, UK
  • Dean of Students, Uwawayaki Learning Center, Tanzania (2006-2007)
  • Founder, Hannah’s Nursery School & Christian Academy, Tanzania (2007)
  • Marketing manager, sajok building and civil engineering company, Tanzania
  • Owner, T&G Timber Supply Center, Tanzania

Joyce Mbwambo, Treasurer

  • Diploma, Montessori School
  • Certificate in Secretarial Administration
  • Founder, Promised Land Nursery School





Kennedy Aloyce Makyao, Secretary

  • Bachelor Degree, Architecture, University of  Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Architect, Tanzania Building Agency (TBA) (2007-2012)
  • Managing Director,  Sajok Building And Civil Engineering Company (Present)




Goodluck Mbacho, Chief Spokesman

  • General Secretary Treasurer, UPC, Tanzania, 2 years
  • Bible School Instructor, 7 Years
  • Non theistic Counselor, 15 years
  • Appointed Bishop (Africa), Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God
  • Director and Founding Member, Apostolic Ministry Tanzania
  •  Director and Founding Member, CHAMTA (NGO) Tanzania (2011)
  • Redio Ministry (2009-2012)

Wilfred Meka, Project Officer

  • Bachelor of Theology and IT, African Christian College, Swaziland
  • Supervisor, Tanzania Tanneries Co. Ltd.
  • Executive Director, Victory and Faith Computer College (2006-2012)




Hilda Lema, Project Officer

  • Diploma, Montessori School
  • Teacher, Mlimani Primary School






Innocent Alfayo, Project Officer

  • Bachelor of Theology, Bear Valley Bible College
  • Diploma, Electrical Science
  • Christian Clinic-Manager, Tanzania
  • Director, Monduli Fresh Milk Processing Factory
  • Minister, Monduli Church Of Christ




Sharon Kitale, Counsellor

  • Bachelor of Education, University of Dar Es Salaam
  • Diploma of Teaching, Kleruu Teachers College, Tanzania.
  • Academic Mistress, Gonja High School and General Secretary of Science




Agness Kulaya, Project Officer

  • Diploma, Teaching, Singachini Teachers College
  • Sports and General Teacher, Isangha Primary School


5 comments on “Members

  1. We as SASCO’s members we needed to make sure SASCO will go ahead to reach our goal,back never but forward forever.
    Keep on always.
    In service,

    • Wow!! Great list of proffesional personnel, very impressing and really reflects a sense of seriousness upon what your sealed to and dedicated to helping our communities in Tanzania, god bless you all, and continue blessing our God for your precious commitment and determination, thanks a lot, long live SASCO and a big BRAVOOO!!
      Thanks lots

  2. Every thing is possible ,what we need in every human life step is commitment and awareness of what your want to do and why and at what time.

    Best regards,

    Shio Focas.

    Country Director- Rural Development Concern