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3 comments on “Gallery

  1. Guys…!!! I am originally from Dodoma region where you people have been working there as displayed in your photos, honestly you deserve words of encouragement, these places (the villages) are so interior even I myself have hardly reached there (to some of them).
    I don’t know how did those foreign friends managed the narrow-arid and probably the most dirsty places in our country especially on summers!! Thanks for your inner heartfelt and support to those (our fellow) Tanzanians.
    For that way, your labour is not in vain, God has the mystery of your everlasting rewards…thanks again.

  2. Dr. Richardson,

    Thank you kindly for your words of encouragement. SASCO is doing substantial work throughout Tanzania in education, agriculture, and social outreach initiatives.

    Reading such positive feedback from you and others motivates the work that SASCO undertakes, and encourages us to continue on!

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