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The Saidia Agriculture and Social Care Organization (SASCO) is a registered NGO established and operated by Tanzanians. SASCO is managed by volunteers such that almost 100% of donations reach the intended recipients. SASCO is committed to helping and supporting orphans, widows and street children using agricultural products obtained in Tanzania, training the unemployed in social and economic developments for self reliance, campaigning against drug abuse by educating people of its effects, providing counseling and education to HIV/AIDS victims and involving them in different social and economic activities in order to help them and reduce stigmatization.

SASCO aims to achieve the following:

  1. To help intelligent children, especially orphans, to acquire higher education, which could otherwise not be afforded due to financial difficulties
  2. To foster community awareness of the need for self -development in the social economic spheres of life.
  3. To awaken the society through seminars and meetings to fight against HIV/AIDS and drug abuse.
  4. To solicit and receive voluntary financial and other contributions from individuals and institutions at national and international level.
  5. To provide people in the community with the opportunity to combine family obligations with community responsibilities by participating in public volunteer services through the establishment of different development projects.
  6. To offer training and seminars, both formal and informal to the people of Tanzania for purposes of increasing technical, mental and physical proficiency.
  7. To promote and encourage people through the use of labor and manpower to achieve social economic development.
  8. To promote cooperation in the development of fellowship of personal talents among the people of Tanzania in both the physical and mental realms.

SASCO works in partnership with the Canadian World Education Foundation (CWEF) Tanzania Chapter on education related initiatives, including education sponsorships for vulnerable children. SASCO works in partnership with the Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) and the Rotary Club of Toronto Skyline on initiatives unrelated to education sponsorship.